1812 Comtesse de Tournon, née Geneviève de Seytres Caumont by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Pennsylvania)

Comtesse Tournon's dress is simple, but luxurious with a velvet robe over an under-dress with a Renaissance-style partlet and fraise. Her robe has a plunging vee waistline turned into a trapezoid by her under-dress. She has an intricately woven wrap and wears a lace veil.

The Jacquard loom was invented in 1801 that made weaving intricate patterns easier. The machine was controlled by cards with holes that constituted a program for the loom. Herman Hollerith adapted the Jacquard cards to tabulate data for the 1890 USA census and founded a firm synonymous with punch cards in the middle 20th century, the Tabulating Machine Company that was merged and re-named International Business Machines in 1924 - IBM. "Do not spindle, fold, or mutilate."

Keywords:  1812, Ingres, Countess, French, long curly coiffure, veil, lace, under-dress, high enclosing neckline, neckline ruff, partlet, quarter length puffed sleeves, cuffs, waist band, Empire waistline, close skirt, wrap

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