1822 Harriet Bainbrigge, later Mrs. Robert Dale by William Corden the Elder (location unknown to gogm)

Her article in thepeerage simply states she married an unknown Dale.

From 2.bp.blogspot.com/_VWR7MnIUN4M/SSIDZHJx8UI/AAAAAAAAGyk/qoyj-YruyNE/s1600/corden.

Lady Harriet's dress is a superb example of a double neckline and the use of sheer material. Her neckline is framed by a band edged with small embroidered diamond shapes. The inner edge joins a sheer partlet section with an inverted raindrop-shaped double bertha. Her puffed sleeves are slashed to reveal more sheer fabric while close diaphanous sleeves ending in small flared muffs extend below. I can only imagine that any number of Renaissance Ladies would have longed to wear a partlet and ruff like this. Her sleeves are just full enough to allow her to wear bracelets under the closer sleeve.

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