1826 Marianne Caton and Richard Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, at Dublin Castle

From www.janeausten.co.uk/elizabeth-patterson-bonaparte/.

The Ladies (debutantes?) are shown wearing light-colored dresses, mostly with criss-cross bodices and off shoulder necklines in this print. Most coiffures are curly, but one Lady in the foreground has straight hair. All wear veils.

Keywords:  1826, Marianne Caton, Marianne Wellesley, Caton family, Wellesley family, Marchioness, British, curly coiffure, straight coiffure, tiara, feathered headdress, bun, knotted bun, veil, lace, modesty piece, off shoulder trapezoidal neckline, off shoulder vee neckline, criss-cross bodice, pleated bodice, quarter length puffed sleeves, waist band, natural high waistline, A-line skirt, floral bodice ornament, shoes, gloves, earrings, bracelets, fan

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