1846 Emma Sophia Edgcumbe (1792–1872), Countess Brownlow by James Rannie Swinton (Belton House - Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK)

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Emma Sophia Edgcumbe (1792-1872), Countess Brownlow

Lady Emma Sophie’s dress has a stomacher with bows en échelle in 18th century style. She wears a tasseled hair ornament and veil. Her black lace wrap may cover 18th-century revival sleeves.

Keywords:  1848, Swinton, Emma Sophia Edgcumbe, Countess of Brownlow, Edgcumbe family, Cust family, Countess, British, Lady-in-Waiting, Queen Adelaide, straight coiffure, jeweled tasseled headdress, lace veil, jeweled neck band, fitted bodice, sweetheart neckline, revers, stomacher, jeweled bows en échelle, lace wrap, elbow length sleeves, bracelets, vee waistline, full skirt, lace-edged handkerchief

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