ca. 1800-1805 Marquise d'Aligre by school of Jacques-Louis David (Boris Wilnitsky)

Boris Wilnitsky has this about her in the notes for this portrait:  "Portrait of the young Louise Charlotte-Aglae Camus de Pontcarre (1776-1843), from 1810 (after marriage) - Marquise d'Aligre. The style of her dress provides the approximate date of portrayal - between 1800 and 1805.

The young lady married in 1810 her cousin Etienne-Jean-Francois-Charles, Marquis d'Aligre (1770-1847), in 1803 - Grand Counsellor of the department Seine (area surrounding Paris); from 1804 - chamberlain of Caroline Murat, Queen of Naples; during the Restoration - peer of France, supporter of constitutional monarchy and liberal.  Louise Charlotte-Aglae was his second wife. His first wife, Marie-Adelaide Godefroy de Senneville, died in 1793, leaving daughter Etiennette behind (who later married Michel de Pomerau, marquis de Ryceis).

Together with her husband, Louise Charlotte-Aglae was known for her great philanthropic deeds. The spouses founded refuge d'Aligre in Chartres, hospital d'Aligre in Bonneval (Eure-et-Loire), hospital d'Aligre with thermal station Bourbon-Lancy (Saone-et-Loire), etc.

The name of the sitter is also mentioned in the history of 19th century music: Austrian composer Strauss dedicated one of his waltzes to Marquise d'Aligre, naming it 'Marquise d'Aligre waltz'."

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Marquise Aligre's bodice and sleeves both have trim, criss-crossed in the case of her sleeves. She appears to be wearing something like a Phrygian cap in this school of David Portrait.

Keywords:  David, Marquise, French, curly coiffure, hat, bateau neckline, chemise, cap sleeves, waist band, Empire waistline, close skirt

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