ca. 1809 Court train (manteau de cour) said to have been worn by Armandine Marie Georgine de Serent at Napoleon's marriage to Marie Louise in 1810 (Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York City, New York USA)

All I can find out about Marie Georgine Armandine de Sérent is that she married Louis François de Rohan-Chabot, Duc de Rohan, and that she wore this train. This may not be on view.

Enlarged one half by gogm.

The train is apparently attached to a typical or notional Empire dress by a waist band.

Keywords:  1809, Armandine Marie Georgine de Serent, de Serent family, Rohan-Chabot family, square décolletage, neckline ruff, quarter length puffed sleeves, waist band, Empire waistline, close skirt, train, gloves

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