ca. 1835 Countess Therese Mittrowsky, née Countess Wrbna (1812-90) by Alois von Anreiter (Bomann Museum, Tansey Collection of Miniatures - Celle, Niedersachsen Germany)

The Tansey Collection Web site was the source of this image, that I enlarged by half, and has this biographical and style note, "Thérèse Mittrowsky (1812-after 1890) was the eldest daughter of Count Eugen Wrbna (1786-1848) and his wife Barbara Countess Erdödy (1793-1858) and came from an old and distinguished Austrian noble family. In 1839 Thérèse married Anton Friedrich Count Mittrowsky of Mittrowitz and Nemischl whose family had settled in Hungary and Bohemia in the 15th century. As this miniature was painted after a portrait by Daffinger, who created several portraits of the Countess, it cannot be dated exactly. The wide puffed sleeves of the lady's dress and her hair style, however, suggest that Daffinger's original must have been painted in the mid-1830's."

Countess Thérèse wears a neo-hurluberlu coiffure fashionable from the middle 1830s to middle 1840s and what may be dual upper puffed sleeves that were going out of style in the later 1830s. Her shape is emphasized with darts.

Keywords:  von Anreiter, Ender, Therese Mittowsky, Countess Wrbna, Wrbna family, Mittowsky family, Countess, Austrian, hurluberlu coiffure, off shoulder vee neckline, modesty piece, bows, dual upper puffed sleeves, brooch

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