1816 Duchesse de Dino by François Gérard (château de Valençay - Valençay, Indre department France)

Merci à Marc de Pouget for this image. He is Directeur des Archives départementales et du Patrimoine historique de l'Indre. While this image is well-known, the common version is unsuitable for posting here. M. de Pouget's image is better and suitable for posting. This image was enlarged and the frame cropped before posting by gogm.

Just a hint of chemise shows in this Gérard portrait of the Duchess, turning a potentially revealing vee neckline into a tamer trapezoidal neckline.

Keywords:  Gérard, Dorothée Talleyrand Perigord, Duchess, curly coiffure, turban, over-bodice, vee neckline, strap sleeves, chemise, trapezoidal neckline, full under-sleeves, Empire low waistline, clasps, wrap, fur

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