Lady Dalrymple by Henry Raeburn (Tate Collection - London, UK)

A biographical article for her, if she is Elizabeth Dalrymple, née Roxburgh, is here. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and "It was said that before Elizabeth married Lord Dalrymple, she had been engaged briefly to another English gentleman during the Revolutionary War. Tragically, he was shot by accident in a hunting incident on the estate of the Marquis of Townsend. After his death, Elizabeth attempted to return by sea voyage to America. It was on the voyage home to America, that her vessel was captured, and she was returned to England-- where she met Lord Dalrymple.”


Lady Dalrymple by Sir Henry Raeburn (Tate Collection - London, UK) From

Lady Dalrymple’s dress looks like it has a close skirt in keeping with French Revolutionary style, but her coiffure and fichu seem pre-Revolutionay.

Keywords:  Raeburn, Elizabeth Roxburgh, Lady Dalrymple, British, curly coiffure, cap, choker cravat, fichu, vee neckline, jacket, collar, lapels, close sleeves, belt

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