Lady Elizabeth Leslie engraved by Thomson from a drawing by W. Delacourt. Published by Whittaker & Co of London, 1831, in the series The Female Nobility (Clan Leslie Charitable Trust - Leslie, Fife UK)

The collection that includes this is probably at Leslie House, in Leslie, Fife.

I cannot find out anything about this particular Elizabeth Leslie.

Image size doubled by gogm.

Napoléonic fashion is continuing to segue into Victorian fashion with flared skirts, but the puufed sleeves and square or bateau necklines persist. I have placed this in the middle 1820s, but a later date would be appropriate if the gray area beneath the wrap on the left side of the image was an epaulette.

Keywords:  Delacourt - W., hurluberlu coiffure, feathered hat, bateau neckline, modesty piece-bertha, lace, dual upper puffed sleeves, frills, cuffs, pelisse bodice, waist band, A-line skirt, wrap, fur, fan, necklace, earrings, jeweled crucifix, bracelets, fan

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