1813-1814 Maria Teresa seated, Little Maria Cristina (Queen of Naples), Maria Theresa (Duchess of Lucca) and Maria Anna (Empress of Austria) twins Maria Teresa and Marianna by Luigi Bernero (Castle of Racconigi - Racconigi, Cuneo Italy)

Her children appear throughout these albums. Maria Beatrice Vittoria (not shown in this image) appears here, Maria Teresa of Lucca appears here, Empress Maria Anna appears here, and Maria Cristina appears here. Maria Theresa was Maria Beatrice Riccardia d'Este's daughter.

Posted to the Alexander Palace Time Macine Discussion Forum by Amadeo on 19 July 2005. It is an excerpt - the full portrait can be seen here. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Maria Theresa's dress combines a Renaissance neckline and jeweled girdle (albeit with an Empire waistline) with Louis XV sleeves.

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