Madame Augustin de Lapeyrière, née Elisa Cécile Cardon by  Daniel Saint (Louvre)

I made more changes to this than any other image in these albums. The image showed crease lines, some of which are still visible. I also added lightness to show the waistline more clearly.

Mme. de Lapeyrière wears a vee-neck dress like that worn by Saint's sitter the Duchess of Rovigo, but the waist is lower and her skirt has an A-line.

Keywords:  Saint, Cardon family, French, hurluberlu coiffure, knotted coiffure, floral headdress, vee neckline, modesty piece, long tight upper puffed sleeves, back-flared engageantes, waist band, Empire low waistline, A-line skirt, wrap

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