Portrait of a Lady by Klaudius Pierre (Leon Wilnitsky)

From the Leon Wilnitsky Web site.

The neckline close up shows the modesty piece runs almost straight from one shoulder to the other with fabric below to conceal the shoulders. The bertha has a small but obvious bowing or crescent shape so it meets the modesty piece at the center of her neckline. Her coiffure appears to revive an eye format used since the Cambrian by arthropods and arthropod-like animals, but it is attractive in spite of the resemblance. She wears a ferroniere and jeweled buckle.

Keywords:  Pierre, straight coiffure, knotted coiffure, ferroniere, modesty piece, off shoulder straight neckline, bodice, off shoulder crescent neckline, bertha, dual upper puffed sleeves, belt, natural waistline, jeweled buckle, floral bodice ornament, necklace, earrings

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