Prinses Louise van Pruisen by ?

From Wikimedia; removed spots and fixed the lower third of the right edge with Photoshop (that part of the skirt is filled in from adjacent parts of the skirt).

Prinses Louise van Pruisen by ? Wm despot

Louise wears a full skirt, but without a cage below and flared sleeves that are progenitors of the pagoda sleeves worn with early cage crinolines.

Keywords:  Louise van Pruisen, prinses Louise, Louise of Prussia - 1808-1870), Luise von Preußen (1808–1870), Prinzessin von Preußen, Hohenzollern family, Oranje family, Princess, Dutch, straight coiffure, bonnet, straps, bows, fitted bodice, epaulettes, three quarter length flared upper sleeves, long lower sleeves, cuffs, full skirt

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