SUBALBUM:  Emily Lamb, Lady Cowper

According to her article in thepeerage, she had five children attributed to her first husband, Peter Leopold Louis Francis Nassau Cowper, 5th Earl Cowper. They married in 1805. According to her Wikipedia article, one of those children may have been fathered by her lover, Henry Temple, 2nd Vscount Palmerston (later Prime Minister). Lord Cowper had a reputation for dullness and slowness of speech in marked contrast to his wife's social gifts. Emily became one of the leading ladies of the highly exclusive Almack's club. At Almack's, Lady Cowper was increasingly seen in the company of  Palmerston, who was known as "Cupid" at the time for his various dalliances. Palmerston was a regular fixture of her parties and salons, and as Lord Cowper sank into a long period of ill health and general decline, Lady Cowper and Lord Palmerston entered into a romantic relationship. Lord Cowper died in 1837 and, with permission from the newly risen Queen Victoria, Emily married Viscount Palmerston in 1839.

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