Comtesse Sophie Rostopchina by Salvator Tonci (location unknown to gogm)


This is Slvator Tonci's bio from, "An Italian Salvatore Tonci (1756-1844) was born in Rome and served in the Naples Guards; in 1797, he came to St. Petersburg, Russia, then moved to Moscow, where he lived for many years. A well educated and gifted person, a poet, musician, singer and painter, Tonci had success in high society. He married princess N. I. Gagarina, the marriage secured him a high position in society. Tonci, called in Russia Nikolay Ivanovich, took part in the founding of the Architect School in Moscow and for more than 25 years was an inspector of its drawing class." As Warren Buffet recently noted, "It’s nice to have friends in high places."

From Wikimedia.

The photoflash reflected off cracks in the cured oil to create an abstract-looking pattern in the upper third of the portrait. She wears a fraise and bead or pearl arm bands in this Tonci portrait. Her dress has a natural, not Empire, waistline that may reflect this work dates to around 1812. In her Wikipedia article, her father is said to have orchestrated the burning of Moscow before Napoléon's invading army.

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