1694 Lady Amabel Grey (1673–1757), Daughter of Henry Grey, Duke of Kent by John Closterman (Wrest Park - Silsoe, Luton, Bedfordshire UK)

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This portrait shows how the skirt is attached to an undergarment after being draped around Lady Amabel's body. The bodice is also shown as a detached garment not pulled down to cover the join between skirt and undergarment. The undergarment to support the heavy skirt would be something sturdy, such as a corset. Her corset appears to begin beneath her bust and end at the waistline.

Keywords:  1694, Closterman, curly coiffure, scoop neckline, chemise, bertha, three quarter length sleeves, cuffs, split bodice, elbow length puffed sleeves, lining, corset, vee waistline, full skirt, drapery

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