ca. 1690 Daughters of Henri Jules de Bourbon, by Pierre Gobert (auctioned)

From Wikimedia. Wikipedia's caption is, "Painting of the four surviving daughters of Henri Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé, (and Anne Henriette of Bavaria - gogm) as the four seasons; L-R; Marie Thérèse de Bourbon, Princess of Conti, wearing Fleur de Lis as Spring; Anne Marie Victoire de Bourbon in green as Summer; Louise Bénédicte de Bourbon in blue as Autumn; and Marie Anne de Bourbon sat down as Winter."

Anne Marie Victoire's and Marie Anne's dresses have bodices that extend below the natural waistline, what would be called cuirasse bodices in the middle- and later 1870s.Anne Marie's dress has a coat with gold frogging trimmed with fur.

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