1727-1729 Duchess of Savoy Anne Marie d'Orléans after her marriage holding a flower by ?

Anne Marie married in 1684.

From Wikimedia; sepia tone removed by gogm.

The print was made between 1727 and 1729, but the dress is a late Louis XIV mantua that became passé when the Sun King died in 1715. The bodice, a separate garment, ends in tabs and there is another line of tabs below.

Keywords:  1684, Anne-Marie d'Orléans, Bourbon family, Savoia family, Duchess, long curly coiffure, tiara, chemise, modesty piece, lace, square neckline, cuffs, over-dress, elbow length notched full sleeves, over-skirt, train, lining, tabbed bodice, cuirasse bodice, strap sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, close under-skirt, clasps, gloves

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