1690 Marquise de Maintenon dressed warmly

The Marquise de Maintenon is dressed for warmth in this 1690 print showing her in a slimmer skirt and high Fontanges headdress. This and the previous image suggest that staying warm was a preoccupation of hers. She also liked to be portrayed with books, although the cushion suggests this may be a prayer book and she is ready to kneel in prayer.

She appears to be wearing a full length cape with luxurious lining, probably with the hood shown, being worn over a coat worn over her dress. It may also be a train from a mantua over-skirt pushed back be a bustle. The hood is pulled back just far enough for a Fontanges headdress. Her skirt has the elaborate patterning characteristic of the era.

Keywords:  Marquise de Maintenon, Marquise, French, Louis XIV, hood, Fontanges headdress, cape, elbow length close sleeves, lining, train, bustle, full skirt, muff, bows, necklace, gloves

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