•  Grand Ladies of the 1700s

Like the last page, this page will contain images of fashions during the reigns of two French Kings, Louis, in this case Louis XV and XVI. Fashion evolved slowly after coming into form early in the reign of Louis XV, but the pace picked up from the 1770s until fashion completely changed with the French Revolution of 1789. After that time, fashion was influenced more and more by the bourgeoisie and a shift in regime might or might not trigger changes in fashion.

No Spanish album is included, but a Russian album is.

The albums are:

Grand Ladies of the Reign of Louis XV - 1715 - 1774

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Charlotte-Aglaé d'Orléans,  NEW

Marie Wortley Montagu,

Queen Polissena Cristina of Sardinia, nee d'Assia-Rotenburg, (1706-1735),

Isabel de Farnesio,

Empress of Austria, Elizabeth Christina, nee von Braunschweig-Wolfenbuettel,

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

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