1724 Countess Orzelska by Louis de Silvestre (location unknown to gogm)

Wikipedia's article about her includes this, "The court of August the Strong had the most scandalous reputation in Europe and encouraged the Countess's behavior, which was considered scandalous according to the official moral of the time. Contemporaries noted her tendency to drink, smoke tobacco, and have numerous affairs."

The brief Wikipedia article for the artist, Louis de Silvestre, is here. From Wikimedia. Photo - Maciej Szczepańczyk.

Countess Orzelska wears a hard lower bodice like those worn by the Duchesse du Maine earlier and the Marquise Gueydan somewhat later. This and the next de Silvestre work from 1724 may also show that fashions took time to diffuse from Paris to the hinterlands.

Keywords:  1724, de Silvestre, Szczepańczyk, Countess Orzelska, Countess, Wettin family, high curly coiffure, hair jewelry, scoop neckline, modesty piece, chemise, over-sleeves, half bodice, clasps, wrap

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