1727 Maria Anna of Austria, sister of Maria Theresia by Andreas Moller (Schloß Schönbrunn)

She was to be a pawn in a dynastic marriage (her hand in exchange for help booting the UK off of Gibraltar), but UK military success allowed that deal, arranged by Isabel de Farnesio, to be called off. She was able to marry Charles Alexander of Lorraine for love. He turned out to be an inept military leader who may have kept his position because of who he married, but was so bad that he finally had to be retired anyway. Besides military matters, they were appointed Governors of the Austrian Netherlands, now largely Belgium and Luxembourg. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Maria Anna’s dress shows the emergence of tight sleeves ending in lace engageantes worn throughout much of the 1700s in this 1727 Moller work. Like other royal Ladies portrayed at this time, she wears her hair in jeweled sausages with other jewelry elsewhere in her hair above a jeweled square-scoop neckline and jeweled vee waistline.

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