1731 The Declaration of Love by Jean François de Troy (Preußische Schlößer und Gärten Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace - Berlin Germany)

This classic image of aristocratic life and fashion has not appeared on this site due to the small size of the available images; larger images are marked with poster distributors' names.

De Troy shows robes a la Française from the back and side and a variety of day dress patterns in this 1731 work. The middle Ladies wear dresses under what appear to be coat-like over dresses. The Lady being plied by her swain is showing her shows, hosiery, and leg. The Lady to right wears a boldly patterned dress with big patterns characteristic of the early part of the century.

Keywords:  1731, de Troy, French, curly coiffure, floral headdress, cap, lappets, high enclosing neckline, vee neckline, three quarter length close sleeves, coat, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, panniers, shoes, hosiery, fan

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