1736 Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange by Bernard Accama (location unknown to gogm)

She was the daughter of Caroline of Ansbach and George II and married into the House of Oranje in 1734. Commercial rivalry between England and the Netherlands made her position difficult. Georg Friedrich Handel taught her music and she was his life-long supporter. Her Wikipedia article is here.

Anne's dress is colorful, but simple in keeping with both British and Dutch tastes, with single forward-back flared engageantes and lace revers. There is no visible jewelry.

Keywords:  1736, Accama, Princess Royal Anne (1709-1759), Princess, Welf family, Oranje family, Dutch, lace bonnet, ribbon headdress, bows, revers, lace, stomacher, elbow length full sleeves, forward-back flared engageantes, full skirt

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