1754 Martha, Lady Drury and her daughter Mary, Countess of Buckinghamshire attributed to Thomas Hudson (Blickling Hall - Aylsham Norfolk UK)

The article from thepeerage.com for martha Drury follows, "Martha Tyrrell was the daughter of Sir John Tyrrell, 3rd Bt. and Mary Dolliffe. She married Lt.-Gen. Sir Thomas Drury, 1st and last Bt., son of Thomas Drury and Joyce Beacon, in October 1737 at Somerset House Chapel, The Strand, London, England. She died in June 1768 at Harley Street, Marylebone, London, England.

From October 1737, her married name became Drury."

The article from thepeerage.com for daughter Mary follows, "Mary Ann Drury was born on 29 June 1740. She was the daughter of Lt.-Gen. Sir Thomas Drury, 1st and last Bt. and Martha Tyrrell. She married John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckinghamshire, son of John Hobart, 1st Earl of Buckinghamshire and Judith Britiffe, on 14 July 1761 at Lady Drury's House, St. Anne's, Soho, London, England, with a fortune of £50,000.3 She died on 30 December 1769 at age 29, without male issue. She was buried on 6 January 1770 at Blickling, Norfolk, England.

As a result of her marriage, Mary Ann Drury was styled as Countess of Buckinghamshire on 14 July 1761. From 14 July 1761, her married name became Hobart."

Photo - John Hammond.

The Ladies wear van Dyck style dresses with puffed sleeves and neckline ruffs in this Hudson portrait. Countess mary wears one glove and carries the other.

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