1767 Augusta Friederike Hannover by Angelica Kauffman (Royal Collection)

This Kauffman portrait includes the Duchess Augusta and child, but also a Greek-style round shield and spear at upper left, an urn showing a guardian angel with laurel wreath held over a Roman soldier's head standing watch over a child, and the Golden Fleece (caps required according to William Stropincky) itself draped on the edge of platform beneath the red cushion.

From Wikimedia; cropped to remove white upper edge with Photoshop by gogm.

The open-toed sandal clad Duchess Augusta's dress is reminiscent of the dresses worn by Beaubrun Brothers sitters one hundred years earlier. British casual has invaded Germany. But she wears a brocade skirt under the diaphinous outer layer, a Sévigné bodice ornament, and a tiara.

Keywords:  1763, Princess Augusta of Wales, Princess, Duchess, Welf family, Brunswick-Bevern family, British, long straight coiffure, tiara, veil, scoop neckline, elbow length puffed sleeves, cuffs, natural waistline, close skirt, Sevigne bodice ornament, sandals, wrap, lining

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