1772 Mathilde Querini by Pietro Falca (Pietro Longhi; Louvre)

Pietro Longhi is also known as Pietro Falca.

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Pietro Longhi shows a noblewoman impressively dressed in a luxurious dress adorned with diamonds in this 1772 portrait of Mathilde Querini. Guido Grigorietti wrote this on pp. 112-114 in Jewelry - History and Techniques from the Egyptians to the Present, (Chartwell version, 1979):  "A portrait, which perhaps gives the most complete idea of the precious ornament which might have been worn by an eighteenth century noblewoman, is of Matilde Querini painted by Pietro Longhi. She wears a rich parure of diamonds consisting of an aigrette, together with at least seven other jewels scattered in her hair, as well as earrings made of three round gems set in triangular shape with briolette pendants, and a diamond collar necklace made of curved elements matching those on the bracelet. In addition to rings, she has a long pearl necklace pinned to the left side of her decollette by an aigrette brooch.

In Louis XV's time the aigrette enjoyed great popularity and was worn until the advent of neoclassicism. Its jeweled stems were often made in such a way that they shook when the head was moved, thus showing off to greatest advantage the brilliance of the diamonds."

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