1779 Marquise de Montesson by Élisabeth Louise Vigée Lebrun (location unknown to gogm)

Charlotte-Jeanne Béraud de La Haye de Riou, Madame de Montesson was the second wife of Louis Philippe I, Duke of Orléans, and he was her second husband. Their marriage was morganatic and they lived away from court.

From batguano.

The waist band of the Marquise's dress suggests she is wearing a sheath dress.

Keywords:  1779, Vigée-Lebrun, Marquise de Montesson, Marquise, Duchess, French, Bourbon family, Orléans family, long high straight coiffure, jeweled feathered headdress, square neckline, modesty piece-bertha, lace, close accordion sleeves, waist band, natural waistline, jeweled arm bands

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