Maria Carolina by Francesco Liani (location unknown to gogm)

Maria Carolina is portrayed as if she is taking a break from working at her dressing table.

Posted to the Alexander Palace Time Machine Discussion Forum by Countess Kate on 31 March 2011; upper edge fixed with Photoshop by gogm. Countess Kate had this note, "It's interesting that the dressing table behind her shows an ink pot, quill, and letters rather than the more conventional toilet items such as appear in Zoffany's portrait of Queen Charlotte - I don't think Maria Carolina was uninterested in dress, but she certainly wanted her role with more than purely 'womanly' pursuits clearly depicted.  The dress is full court dress with hoops and is fur trimmed, but has no gold or silver embroidery; the only jewellery she is wearing are large pearl earrings with diamond surrounds.  There are no robes of state or royal diadem, and the table has a mirror and stool so is clearly a dressing table rather than a writing desk.  So the portrait seems to deliver a mixed message of formality and informality, neither one thing nor the other."

Maria Carolina wears a red "open robe" with fur trim on her revers, stomacher, sleeves, skirt, and the only lace is that of her engageantes. The height of her coiffure dates this to the 1770s. The right side of her dress appears to be raised to show a pale petticoat, in which case the flounced under-skirt-like middle of her skirt could be an illusion created using a small fur-trimmed panel that is part of the skirt.

Keywords:  Liani, Queen Maria Carolina, Archduchess, Queen, Habsburg family, Bourbon family, high straight coiffure, square neckline, modesty piece, revers, fur, stomacher, elbow length close sleeves, engageantes, lace, vee waistline, panniers, open robe, under-skirt, flounces, earrings, shoes

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