1785 dames en habit de cour by Charles-Germain de Saint-Aubin (Musée des Arts Decoratifs - Paris France)

These are from the museum's Web site via www.pinterest.com/mwojdak/18th-century-fashion. The images have been cropped to minimize removing portions of the dresses and smudges/foxing in the background have been removed with Photoshop by gogm.

All of these dresses have wide panniers and at least one layer of over-skirt. The outdoor dress to right has draped the over-skirt asymmetrically.  two indoor dresses have square necklines and elbow length tight sleeves ending in minimal engageantes. The left dress is a robe à la française while the middle one is à l'anglaise. The outdoor dress appears to have a fur- (or lace- or ?) trimmed over-skirt and a lace trimmed criss-cross bodice with elbow length tight over-sleeves. The outdoor dress ends about 1-2 cm above the ground. The middle dress has engageantes that are flared forwads below and backwards higher up. The bodice of the middle dress is decorated with a scarf wrapped around the beck that runs down both sides of the bodice and then curve back behind the bodice where they presumably are tied off so they can come back to the front over the over- and middle-skirt.

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