1768 La Famille du duc de Penthievre by Jean-Baptiste Charpentier (Versailles) Photo - Gerard Blot


The Reunion des Musees Nationaux has this brief title note, "La Famille du duc de Penthievre en 1768 ou "La Tasse de Chocolat" portraits reunis du Duc de Penthievre (1725-1793), de son fils le prince de Lamballe (1747-1768), de la princesse de Lamballe (1749-1792), de sa fille Mademoiselle de Penthievre (future duc." - "the Duke of Penthievre together (1725-1793), his son, the Prince de Lamballe (1747-1768), the Princess de Lamballe (1749-1792), daughter of Miss Penthievre (future Duke)."

Photo - Gerard Blot.

Princesse Lamballe and two other Ladies spend time with two Bourbon gentlemen in this 1768 Charpentier group portrait.

Keywords:  1768, Charpentier, Blot, Louise Marie Adélaïde de Bourbon, Princesse de Lamballe, Bourbon family, Orléans family, Savoia family, Este family, Princess, Duchess, French, straight coiffure, floral headdress, cap, frills, square neckline, three quarter length close sleeves, bows, engageantes, lace, panniers, over-skirt, flounces, neck band, shoes

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