1776 Marie-Rose Savalette de Lange, wife of Etienne Rene Agnan Sanlot by Élisabeth Louise Vigéee Lebrun (Museum in Marly le Roi - Louveciennes, Ile de France France)

From batguano - where else?

There are a number of museums in and near Marly le Roi, so I do not know the exact location.

This 1776 Vigée-Lebrun portrait of the Marquise Savalette shows a dress trimmed with masses of diaphanous material. Her large coiffure requires a large cover.

Keywords:  1776, Vigée-Lebrun, Marie-Rose Savalette de Lange, Savalette de Lange family, Sanlot family, high straight coiffure, cap, fichu, scoop décolletage, modesty piece-bertha, bows, tight sleeves, ruffles, engageantes, vee waistline, floral bodice ornament

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