Undated Carogis drawings 1775 and after

The persons are, left to right: Maria Johanna Camasse, Marquise du Dreneux, the Marquise de Ducrest, and Monsieur and madame de Bréget and madame de Monthulé.

All are at the Musée Condé, Chantilly France. Photos by René Gabriel Ojéda that were enlarged by half by gogm.

The left Lady wears panniers and a high straight coiffure with some vertical curls and a cap draped over the top, then things change. The Ladies in the right image wear large coiffures covered with caps. The next Lady, Marquise du Dreneux, wears a high coiffure with large curls at the base topped with a towering headdress. She also is not wearing panniers - instead she wears a robe à la circassienne. The next Lady wears a squatter, but equally massive coiffure with the wide straw hat cocked to the side. She wears a robe à la circassienne with a ruched flounce at the bottom. The left Lady in the right image wears a 1780s coiffures that is wide, rather than tall, partially covered by a fairly wide cap while the right hand Lady wears a coiffure comparable to those worn by the Ladies in the preceding pair of images. The Lady to the left wears reduced engageantes that are reduced to cuffs in the other images.

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