•  Grand Ladies of the Revolution, Empire, and Romantic Cycle - 1789 to 1836

Revolutionary, Napoléonic, and Regency Era -

with discrete images as well as subalbums:

Lady Amelia Anne Hobart, Viscountess Castlereagh,

Maria Luisa Amelie, Grand Duchess of Tuscany,

Duchess Frederica Charlotte of York,

Queen Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina,

Henrietta Sebright,

Princess Augusta Sophia,

Frederike Sophie of Mecklenburg-Strelitz,

Fredrika av Baden,

Princesses Sophia (1777-1848) and  Amelia (1783-1810),

Princess Mary, Duchess of Gloucester and Edinburgh,

Princess Royal Charlotte Mathilde,

Queen Luise of Prussia,

Zofii z Czartoryskich Zamoyskiej,

Lady Sarah Bayley,

Lady Charlotte Bury,

Madame Recamier,

Princess Therese of Thurn und Taxis,

Amalie von Hesse-Darmstadt,

Alexandrine de Bleschamp,

Emily Lamb, Lady Cowper,

Lady Sarah Fane, Countess of Jersey,

Louisa, Countess Beresford,

Empress Joséphine,

Anne Louise Germaine de Staël Holstein,

Elisa Bonaparte, Grand Duchess of Tuscany,

Stéphanie de Beauharnais,

Corisande de Gramont,

Pauline Bonaparte,

Caroline of Baden, Queen of Bavaria,

Catherina of Württemberg, Briefly Queen of Westphalia,

Princess Auguste-Amalie of Bavaria,

Caroline Murat, née Bonaparte,

Maria Ludovica of Modena, Empress of Austria,  NEW

Queen Hortense,

Julie Bonaparte, née Clary,

Empress Marie-Louise - Napoleon Bonaparte's second wife,

Marie Thérèse de France, Duchesse d'Angoulême,

Laure, Duchesse d'Abrantès,

Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales,

Dorothée Corlande, Duchesse de Dino,

Maria Teresa of Habsburg-Tuscany,

Anna Pavlovna (Pauloovna), Queen of the Netherlands,  RELOCATED

Maria Teresa di Savoia, Duchess of Lucca,

Frances Anne Vane Tempest Stuat, Marchioness of Londonderry,

Charlotte Florentia, née Clive, Duchess of Northumberland,

Duchess Augusta of Cambridge,

Caroline Augusta of Bavaria, Empress of Austria,

Queen Marie-Amelie of France,

Désirée Clary-Bernadotte,

Adelheid von Anhalt-Bernburg,

Marie Anne Amalie von Hessen-Homburg,

Grand Princess Catherine Pavlovna, Queen of Württemberg,

Elisabeth Ludovika von Preussen, née von Bayern,

Countess Marguerite of Blessington,

Caroline Ferdinande, Duchesse de Berry,

Countess Leopoldine Apponyi,

Amelie Auguste, Queen of Saxony,

Sophia Rostopchina, Countess of Ségur,

Henrietta of Massau Weilburg,

Queen Josefina of Sweden, née Beauharnais,

Maria Amalia of Saxony (1794-1870),

Henriette Sontag, Countess Rossi,

Alexandra Dietrichstein, née Shuvalova,

Marie d'Orléans, Duchess of Württemberg,

Königin Pauline von Württemberg,

Sophie of Bavaria,

Anne Elizabeth Weld-Forester,

Eugénie Hortense de Beauharnais,


Maria Brignole Sale de Ferrari,

Ludovika of Bavaria,

Queen Therese of Bavaria,

Daria (Dorothea) von Lieven,

Queen Caroline Amelie of Denmark,

Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley,

Grand Duchess Sophie of Baden, née Sweden,

Grand Duchess Mathilde Karoline of Hesse, née Bavaria,

Zofia Potocka, née Branicka,  NEW

Queen Adelaide,

Melanie Metternich,

Zénaïde Clary,

Anna Maria, Marchioness of Tavistock and Duchess of Bedford,

Sophie of Bavaria, Archduchess of Austria,

Amalie of Oldenburg, Queen of Greece,

Princess Marianne of the Netherlands,

Cecilia of Sweden,  NEW

Fürstin Eleonora Schwarzenberg, née Liechtenstein,  NEW

Empress Maria Anna of Austria, née Savoia

Maria Elizabeth Tollemache,

Selina, Countess of Bradford, and

Victoria, Duchess of Kent.

Iberian Style in the Revolutionary Era

with discrete images as well as subalbums:

Maria Isabella of the Two Sicilies,

The 13th Duchess of Alba,

Marie Antonietta of Naples,

Infanta Maria Francisca of Portugal,

Maria Cristina di Savoia,

Isabel de Bragança,

Empress of Brasil Marie Leopoldina,

Infanta Luisa Carlota,

Reina de España María Josefa de Sajonia,  NEW

Queen and Regent Maria Cristina

Amalie Beauharnais, Empress of Brasil,

Queen Maria II of Portugal, and

Maria Antonia of the Two Sicilies.

Russian Style in the French Revolutionary Era

with discrete images as well as subalbums:

Tsaritsa Elizabeth Alexeievna, née Louise of Baden,

Elizaveta Olenina,

Sofia Vladimirovna Panina,

Anna and Maria Lopukhina,

Grand Princess Anna Feodorovna,

Tatiana Vasilievna Yusupova,

Josephina Fridrix,

Zinaida Volkonskaya,

Natalia Stepanovna Golitsyna,

Julia Petrovna Stroganova,  NEW

Tsaritsa Alexandra Feodorovna (1798 - 1860),

Sofia Stepanovna Shcherbatova,

Olga Naryshkina,

Grand Princess Catherine Pavlovna, Queen of Württemberg,

Sofia Potocki,

Joanna Grudzińska, Princess Łowicz,

Elena G. Chertkova,

Maria Raevskaya Volkonskaya,

Grand Princess Elena Pavlovna, née Charlotte of Württemberg,

Anna Olenina,

Zinaida Yussupova the Elder,

Olga Fersen, and

Olga Orlova Davidova.

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