•  Grand Ladies of the Farthingale Era - About 1480 to about 1620

This covers the historical periods called "Tudor," "Elizabethan," and "Jacobean" in UK history. In all of these eras, women wore skirts expanded wth iron cages called "farthingales" ("verdugado" in the language of the originating country, Spain, and "vertugadin" in French). Farthingales fell out of favor by 1620 so the albums introduced by this page close at that time.

The albums are: 

The Early 1500s - 1480 to 1550  -

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Mary Tudor, Queen of France and Duchess of Suffolk,

Isabella of Austria,

Claude de France,

The Six Wives of Henry VIII,

Anne de Pisseleu,

Beatrix Pacheco,  NEW 

Mary Neville, Lady  Dacre,  NEW and

Eleonora de Toledo.

The Middle 1500s - 1550 to 1590  -

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Bess of Hardwick,  NEW

Lady Jane Grey,

Catherine de Medici,

Diane de Poitiers,

Elizabeth FitzGerald,  NEW

Bianca Capello de Medici,

Marguerite de Valois ("La Reine Margot"),

Queen Mary I of England,

Mary, Queen of Scots,

Joanna of Austria - Grand Duchess of Tuscany,

Camilla Martelli,

Elisabeth of Austria,

Jeanne d'Albret, and

Marie of Cleves.

The Late Farthingale Era - 1590 to 1620  -

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

Elizabeth Vernon, Countess of Southampton,

Catherine de Clèves,  NEW

Queen Elizabeth of England,

Gabrielle d'Estrées,

Marie de Medici,

Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues,  NEW

Anne of Denmark,

Lucy, Countess of Bedford,

Arabella Stuart,

Constance Habsburg, Queen of Poland,  NEW

Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency,

Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford and then Elgin

Alethea Howard, née Talbot,  NEW and

Anne of Austria Spain.

Iberian style in the farthingale era  -

with discrete images as well as these subalbums:

La reina Isabel I,  NEW

Isabel de Portugal,  NEW

Isabel de Valois,

Ana de Austria,

Infanta Catalina Micaela,

Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia,

Christine de Lorraine

Margarita de Austria, and

Margueite of Savoy.

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