1868 Isabel Álvarez Montes, duquesa de Castro Enríquez and Marquesa de Valderas by Federico de Madrazo y Kunz (Prado)

The Marquesa wears a spectacular half-dome shaped dress with a natural waistline set off by belt in this 1868 Madrazo y Kunz portrait. Tulle can be used dramatically in evening dresses as the Marquesa and her designer apparently knew. The bands of blue around her skirt are under the tulle, but the rosettes are above it.

Keywords:  1868, Madrazo y Kunz, Duchess, Spanish, straight coiffure, hair jewelry, off shoulder vee waistline, modesty piece, bertha, lace, quarter length sleeves, rosettes, waist band, natural waistline, crinoline, skirt drapery, ruching, necklace, earrings, brooch, bracelets, handkerchief

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