SUBALBUM:  Maria Pia di Savoia, Queen of Portugal

Maria Pia of Savoy was born in 1847 and married King Luís I of Portugal in 1862. She was noted for her extravagance and also for her charity work. According to Wikipedia, "Maria Pia of Savoy was also known in Portugal as 'angel of charity' or 'mother of the poor' for her compassion and work on social causes." Political violence and unrest shook her life. She lost her son and grandson in 1908 and she had to leave Portugal and return to Italy in 1910 when Portugal became a republic. This is one of those incidents that shows monarchy could be useful even today. The New State of António de Oliveira Salazar was a Republic, but was it better than a constitutional monarchy would have been?

Maria Pia's Wikipedia article is here.

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