Maria Romana Bernardes da Rocha, marquesa de Itamaraty by François Claudius Compte-Calix (Palácio do Itamarati, Museu Histório e Diplomático - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

A genealogical sketch of her is here. A Portuguese language article about her husband, Francisco José da Rocha Leão, is here.

From Wikimedia; enlarged one quarter by gogm.

The roundness of the Marquesa's dress suggests this portrait dates from early in the crinoline era. She uses striking red flowers to adorn her hair and her bertha in this Compte-Calix portrait.

Keywords:  Compte-Calix, Maria Romana Bernardes da Rocha, marquesa de Itamarati, da Rocha family, da Rocha Leão family, Marquise, Brazilian, straight coiffure, floral headdress, off shoulder vee neckline, modesty piece, bertha, lace, bows, short sleeves, vee waistline, crinoline, flounces, fringe, floral bodice ornament, bracelets, fan

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