SUBALBUM:  Margarita of Parma

Born in Parma, she was the daughter of Princess Louise Marie Thérèse of France. She married the Carlist pretender to the Spanish throne, Duke of Madris Carlos VII. Carlos VII led the Carlistas in the third Carlist War described in Wikipedia as follows:  "The Third Carlist War (Spanish: Tercera Guerra Carlista) (1872-1876) was the last Carlist War in Spain. It is very often referred to as the Second Carlist War, as the 'second' (1847-9) had been small in scale and almost trivial in political consequence.

During this conflict, Carlist forces managed to occupy several cities in the interior of Spain, the most important ones being La Seu d'Urgell and Estella in Navarre. Isabel II was in exile, and King Amadeo I of Spain, crowned in 1871, was not very popular.

The Carlist pretender, 'Carlos VII,' grandson of Carlos V, in order to ally the support of those areas with more traditions and affected because them proclaimed the restoration of Catalonian, Valencian, and Aragonese fueros (charters) which Philip V had previously abolished by New planning unilateral Royal decrees, more retaliatons against the defeated former Kingdoms with full rights and since then relegated to conquered regions of Castile.

The Carlist forces did not succeed, and the promises were never fulfilled. After four years of war, on 27 February 1876, the Carlist pretender went into exile in France. On the same day, King Alfonso XII of Spain landed at Pamplona.

The war caused between 7,000 and 50,000 casualties."

Her Wikipedia article is here.

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