1800 Condesa de Chinchon by Francisco de Goya y Lucientes (Museo Nacional del Prado - Madrid Spain)

According to her Wikipedia article, "...she was the elder daughter of Infante Luis of Spain and his morganatic wife, the Aragonese aristocrat María Teresa de Vallabriga y Rozas, Español y Drummond (5 September 1758 – 16 February 1820). Her mother was the 13th Countess of Chinchón and a Grandee of Spain First Class."

According to her husband's Wikipedia article, "Godoy's frequent promotions were external signs of his increasing influence over the king and queen. In 1791 the Prime-Minister Floridablanca accused Godoy of having an adulterous relationship with the queen. In January 1792 Floridablanca fell from office on account of Spain's relationship with the emerging French Republic. His successor Aranda fell from office the following November, and Queen Maria Louisa arranged for Godoy to be Prime Minister. Godoy's appointment seems to have been accomplished with the full acceptance of King Charles IV, who not himself having any talent for governing, was happy to employ somebody else who was competent and trustworthy... ...In 1797 Queen Maria Luisa arranged a marriage for Godoy which she hoped would draw him away from his mistress, and at the same time act as a cover for her own relationship with Godoy. Dona María Teresa Carolina de Borbón y Vallabriga, Farnesio y Rozas, born at Velada on March 6, 1779 (some say January 26, 1780), Charles IV's cousin and the daughter of his exiled and disgraced uncle Luis de Borbón y Farnesio, 13th Count of Chinchón, was chosen to be Godoy's wife. Although she had not met Godoy, Maria Teresa acquiesced in the marriage which ensured the restoration of her family's fortunes. They married on September 11 or October 2 in the Escorial, Madrid. Godoy received a huge financial settlement as part of the marriage agreement, but he continued to have his mistress live in the same house as his wife..." Look at what happens when an elite (why am I thinking of Wall Street?) treats a country as its private playground.

The upper background of this alta resolución image was despotted using a feature of Photoshop to remove spots and scratches, while spots on her dress and the lower background were removed one by one with the clone tool by gogm.

The Countess of Chinchon wears a French-style dress shaped by a waist band in this 1800 Goya portrait.

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