1833 Carmen Moreno, Marquesa de las Marismas del Guadalquivir by Francisco Lacoma y Fontanet (Museo Nacional del Romanticismo - Madrid Spain)

The person in the background is as interesting as the Marquesa. The Marquesa wears an evening dress with a criss-cross bodice and dual sleeves while the person behind wears a day dress with a high neckline and collar with Gigot sleeves. The person behind is probably a maid wearing a black apron to point out the Marquesa's status. Both dresses have waist bands and close skirts.

Keywords:  1833, Lacoma y Fontanet, Marquesa, Spanish, high straight coiffure, trapezoidal neckline, high neckline, modesty piece, collar, criss-cross bodice, dual upper puffed sleeves, Gigot sleeves, waist band, close skirt, maxi length skirt, bracelets, shoes, fan

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