1833 Dolores Gómez de las Casas de Tirel, Marquesa de la Ulagares by Vicente López y Portaña (private collection)

Spotting like that in the upper left corner existed elsewhere and I fixed it with Photoshop.

The Marquesa wears a gorgeous lace mantilla and roses while her upper bodice is covered with a pink scarf clasped to at least one shoulder. She also wears a metal open work bertha, epaulettes, and cuff decorations.

Keywords:  1833, López y Portaña, Marquesa, Spanish, straight coiffure, floral headdress, mantilla, lace, ferronière, straight neckline, scarf, bertha, epaulettes, long tight upper puffed sleeves, cuffs, waist band, natural high waistline, full skirt, clasps, fan

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