ca. 1662-1664 Infanta Margarita Teresa de Espana, emperatriz de Austria by anonymous (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien)

An anonymous artist portrayed a very Habsburg Infanta Margarita in the 1662-4 portrait. Posted to Foro Dinastias by licorne31 on 25 October 2008 and enlarged by gogm.

The dress of this Habsburg-faced woman is magnificent. She clearly wears a lace bertha under a red band. She wears a plethora of bows and jet jewelry bodice ornaments, hair clips, and earrings.

Keywords:  1662, Infanta Margarita, Empress, Habsburg family, Spanish, long straight coiffure, headdress, bows, straight neckline, ruff, bertha, lace, full puffed sleeves, slashed sleeves, vee waistline, earrings, jeweled bodice, brooch

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