1500ca. Johanna I of Castilie and Leon by the Master of the life of St. Joseph (Museo Nacional de Escultura, Valladolid Spain)

She was and is still also called Juana la Loca (Joanna the Mad).

Her Wikipedia article is here.

This image of Juana la Loca shows Renaissance fashion replacing late Medieval fashion. Her double-layered headdress resembles the French hoods that will be frequently seen in following images. Herbert Norris describes her headdress in a similar portrait to this one on p. 110 of the 1997 Dover re-issue of Tudor Costume and Fashion. "...on top is placed a coif (a cap enclosing the back, sides, and top of the head-gogm) of red velvet or silk edged with a gold trimming... Above this is placed the black velvet hood, having a band of passement or embroidery in gold at the edge... Where the hood is turned back on top of the head this band of passement is still in evidence, and the hood lining of red and gold tissue is brought forward to rest on the coif. The coronet is set well back on the hood... behind the band of passement."

The neckline, square with the bottom upturned into a crescent, lasted through much of the rest of the century.

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