ca. 1586 Isabel Clara Eugenia with Magdalena Ruiz by Coello studio (Colección Real/Prado)

Isabel Clara Eugenia poses in a jeweled saya with Magdalena Ruiz in this 1586 Coello portrait.

Her gown follows the same pattern as those of Isabel Valois in 1565 and her sister in 1585. Again, rows of jewels and the girdle point down from a high collar and ruff flanked by false sleeves and hanging sleeves. 

Keywords:  1586, Coello, Infanta Isabel Clara Eugenia, Princess, Habsburg family, Spanish, straight coiffure, high enclosing neckline, neck ruff, lace, jeweled feathered hat, cacanet necklace, necklace, jeweled bodice, jeweled sleeves, girdle, clasp, aglets, cameo, hanging sleeves, slashed sleeves, false sleeves, cuffs, tabbed sleeves, tabbed bodice, lining, stomacher, revers, vee waistline, farthingale, saya

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