1548 Empress Isabel by Titian (Prado) coiffure and ruff

Isabella of Portugal's coiffure and ruff from Titian's 1548 portrait at the Museo Nacional del Prado. Excerpted from the Prado original (the previous image) by gogm.

Museo Nacional del Prado operates a wonderful Web site where you can download very high resolution images of works in their possession.

To search their site, go here and find the open box next to "BUSCAR" at the upper right quadrant. Key in the author or title and click BUSCAR. You will see "Resultado general de la búsqueda" listing "Contentos generales," "enciclopedia," and "obras." Click on "obras" to go straight to the works. Works are listed both in both English and en español.

The earphone-like plugs of hair at the side are reminiscent of some 1400s coiffures.

Keywords:  1548, Titian, Empress, Isabella of Portugal, Habsburg family, Portuguese, straight coiffure, chemise, neck ruff, hair jewelry, earrings

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