ca. 1490 reina Isabel la Católica by ? (Museo Nacional del Prado - Madrid Spain)

According to the source of this image, Wikimedia, it has been variously attributed to Juan de Flandes (1460–1519), Michael Sittow (circa 1469-1525), and Antonio Inglés (author of the last portrait).

This image was extensively modified with Photoshop by gogm. A number of split wood vertical flaws were removed as well as numerous spots on Isabel's face and dress with Photoshop by gogm. The original can be seen here.

Isabel wears a dress in this 1490 portrait almost identical to that in her 1489 Inglés portrait (last image). 

Keywords:  1490, Isabel I, Isabel la Católica, Isabel de Castilla, Queen Isabella, Trastámara family, Princess, Queen, straight coiffure, caul, vee neckline, partlet, split bodice, square neckline, long full sleeves, necklace, pendant

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