1585-1590 (between) Margherita Gonzaga Este (1564-1618) by Giovanni Bahuet (auctioned by Dorotheum)

Her Wikipedia article is here.

From Wikimedia; flaws at and within the twentieth of the width next to the left edge and the right edge were removed with Photoshop. Also posted towards the end of the Middle 1500s - 1550 to 1590 Album.


This shows how a saya derives from a tight-fitting dress and a surcote above that also provides  redundant hanging sleeves. The buttons could be functional.

Keywords:  Bahuet, Margherita Gonzaga, duchessa di Ferrara Modena e Reggio, Gonzaga family, Este family, Duchess, Italian, straight coiffure, hair jewelry, earrings, jeweled fitted bodice, lace-edged ruff, high enclosing neckline, necklace, jeweled buttons, jeweled long close tapered false sleeves, vee waistline, lace back-flared cuffs, jeweled fur-trimmed surcote, rolled full slashed hanging sleeves, lining, jeweled farthingale, gloves, saya

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