1700s Maria Luisa of Savoy, Queen of Spain by ? (location ?)

From altesses.eu/princes_max.php?image=3627c0c58f increased exposure and filled in shadows. Also posted to Maria Luisa Gabriela de Savoia’s Subalbum here.

1700s Maria Luisa of Savoy, Queen of Spain by ? (location ?) From altesses.eu:princes max.php?image=3627c0c58f increased exposure and filled in shadows fixed l. of u. edge despot

Maria Luisa's coiffure tones down the fripon curls and replaces the Fontanges with a set of hot pink ribbons framing her face. But her limited fripon curls are complemented by the ends of the sausages of other curls of her coiffure. Her stomacher is adorned with gold fringe in military style.

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